KGOPZA DE DJ BIOGRAPHY:Age, Real name, Songs

By SHAUN-K DE VOCALIST · Aug 10, 2020
KGOPZA DE DJ BIOGRAPHY:Age, Real name, Songs picture

Kgopotso Duncan Mosoma aged  21 years old,was born in 1999 june at The Willows under Sekororo,Hoedspruit, Limpopo Province, South Africa.All corners,knew him as Kgopza De Dj  as his nickname in the  industry of music.When he began to take the journey of music in 2014,with the assistance from Dj makhali all the way from "Makopung" in Limpopo mountains.

He continuously said"Makhali was of a Blessing and He's the reason why I became stronger artist recently, this is a gift to my life".Later then,he met Mr  Dunga Marape from Maragane Music Production  ,and they built a working relationship based on music production.

He firstly released a track called Donoza and back there,at the time,he was unable to produce but he always wanted to produce others.2015 he was collaborated with Local artists from Burgersfort.He struggled a lot with lacking of facilities with   Dj Zoro and Lepidi Bafo Sa  on list,until 2018 when he envented his own Recording label so-called"Bong Music Records". Although he had eager to produce, infact he kept working with Maragane Music Production  too in all this kind of staff.

His capability and talent was identified,and more importantly by the invested Enegy of his songs like: kehumile,akena nako, Lenna Kea Monyaka , Wa Njolela  , Wa Mmona Ngwana yo etc.After some time along the journey, Dr Man2 and his team, formed a team with him early in 2020,and made a strong song called "Zoko hitt",together with other hits.

He released a new Album called For You.


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