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Dr Young Tee  & P-Boy & Weber Sa -  Injabulo  - Download mp3

We Maragane Production believes that,every future deserves to be paved and  secured.The concept of the song by Dr Young Tee  and P-Boy and Weber Sa,travels miles with its unbelievable message. Injabulo is a Zulu word,meaning "Happiness" .

It tells us many things we should detect and learn from."Happiness doesn't only come from expensive life,but from the heart of a soulmate,pauper or not".The track still shows us that,we individually go through different form of crisis.Infact,we often meet Fake peeps,as part of our love journey,and we don't choose to.

The structure body of the song,exposes the fake love and broken hearts resulted from relationships.

In the parent stage,we regale as to maintain trust and build up something sweet.Love is sweet but we often fall in love with people who can't see anything good about it or oneself's efforts.All these fades away and vanish like a thin air when we are lurch.

I guess,I've seen many collapsed see in people,but victory knocks to such victims.we all deserve to glow,and grow up with blooming love.

Never ever forget that,Maragane Production is the best production,which supports broken souls or not.However it also console them by bringing severe enjoyable melody by its artists.Keep us close,the world is too small,we are here for you!

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Writer: Shaun-k DE-Vocalist
Artists: Dr Young Tee  and P-Boy and Weber Sa
Tittle track: Injabulo 

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