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Pleasure  - Leshitsa  - Download mp3 

At a certain period of time, people go through marriages and they feel better when there's music and dance.This Pleasure's song,brings you nearer,when your soul is distant.

This is a real world,Her history is the main thing that motivates multiple people,from different angles since 7 years back. I'm Keen to salute the powerful change and encouragement from Pleasure, of which showed us that,"a way to success,was never easy but with perseverance we can thrive".

#more salute to the modest work from Maragane production and its Support system in the industry,still it makes an easygoing journey for everyone.

Leshitsa,hit us like  a circulating fire,hence is a dope track released to heal and communicate with our souls.

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Writer: Shaun-k De Vocalist
Artist: Pleasure 
Tittle song: Leshitsa 

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