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Bakgwaduba  - Wandelela  - Download mp3 

You thought we were ragging you about,the best song "Wandelela "?right?. Unfortunately we cannot forget about the value of the your support as our listeners.So we keep our promises.

This is indeed a time to get back to life again. Wandelela  song,turns to be the marvelous sound,which talks to old and young ears,from various destinations.We warned you about the huge potential of ''Bakgwaduba" our Maragane artist.No individual can defeat the best of the best.

He is the beast of an African talent, regarding the Cultural Pedi category.Apparently, he's busy rehearsing his best and working new project.Stay turned!

His last song "Mogatxaka",created a monster profile for him and evolved the mentality of our own people.There is a good History about the last song,"Mogatxaka song".

"We found out that,the track is doing just fine,and so it's very complex,amazing,more fun, romantic,remarkable and appealing to the listeners".

His songs was said to be ,the only one of its kind and definitely has a good message of experience.It involves the major field of life in general."Wandelela" hit,reveals about the challenges in marriages and life in general.

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Artist: Bakgwaduba 
Song tittle: Wandelela 

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