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The caves and lakes haven't yet met the Legend of Tsonga Music in Maputo.We've recently noticed the breath taking of our talented New Man ,a Tsonga artist.He eventually occupied the entire hearts, of many people through his first 2020 Song with Shaun-k De Vocalist  in the past few months, called "SAFE".

This is a huge moment for  of which,we'll continue to celebrate.This is vast experience with this African New_Man.

Usually,  brings  out nothing but the best songs during the day with satisfaction along. New Man  on his released single(Namurhandza) song,wanted to show the impression and Grant a peaceful gratitude towards his folks,for the good work they did to grow him.

He mentioned that, nine months,was  like Mya  to him.He istantly gifted them.A vehicle for His father,and brought a mansion in their closest Suburbs,suitable for his queen mother.This is the Solo Son of Tsonga tongue,that places Maputo Country on the recognition and his childhood of Chibuto. Expect his music video,with the following partners:Asanda,Emihle, Junior, zanele and Shaun-k as the acting Team. Check out more of New Man  on the page and website. We promote and deliver both local and international music from all around the globe. For promotion whatsapp on our number:+27 72 881 8719. 

Artist: New Man 
Tittle track: Namurhandza 
Writer: Shaun-k De Vocalist 

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