Download mp3:Shaun-k De Vocalist ft Vicky Vick  - Spirit In My Heart 

There comes a time,when all fronts has to put to  a "stop" and listen to the wild roaring voice of by Spirit In My Heart  .Since the past few decades,it has been over an Incredible releases of best songs,by its artists.That didn't only attract our lenses,but also stole our attention.

Spirit In My Heart,was envented to change the mindset of our proteges and others .I guess without having spirit that lifts you up,like an eagle,you are definitely incomplete human being,and unable to reach your desire.Our folks put extra reliance in us as youngsters,but we often fall down and keep soldiering on.  

Spirit In My Heart  ,means "Don't surrender the hard journey you are in, perseverance is a virtue.Shaun-k De Vocalist  has always been  the bestest vocalist on the list of our expectations and Vicky Vick in the wrapping fire field.If we listen to all their roar tracks,you will learn something and change how u think due to the motivational storytelling.

The modest voice that attached many hearts,you should be aware that Spirit  has the different expression from the cardio of the owner.He and his bro Vicky Vick deliberately said that,"its better to try and fail,rather to fail in trying". Check out more of Shaun-k De Vocalist  on the  page and website. We promote and deliver both local and international music from all around the globe. For promotion whatsapp on our number:+27 72 881 8719. 

Artits: Shaun-k De Vocalist  ft Vicky Vick 
Tittle track: Spirit In My Heart 
Writer: Shaun-k De Vocalist 

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