Trinity Music Team has become more impressed with how hard mothers and fathers duties inspires them to stay on right path through life challenges. These two young men so called Shaun-k  and his young brother Vicky Vick  saw an opportunity to express their innerself to the people using religious song "Sefefo Sa Moya" to describe their hard journey. They realized how important parents are and how they impact towards their children's lives, however in other side the song  "Kea Leboga" brings a solid message to the fathers and mothers who neglected their own children to start being part of their children's lives. The two were showing gratitude for the relevant work and experience they have been taught from their parents. Check out more of Trinity Music Team  songs on the Maragane Music Studio  page and website, we promote South African Music including Mapulana, Bolobedu and Sekhukhune Music. "BAPEDI MUSIC"

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