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Dr Scolly  - Moloi Thekga Pelo  - Download mp3:

Dr Scolly  on Maragane Music Studio brings out the best in him,as to reveal the DNA of his bloodline.He repeatedly preached  out his sermon,and it almost cracked our inner ears.His Music gathered the divided peeps and lifted up their legs to dance happily.It simply reunite the fallen pieces of those who fell,because life happened.

This Moloi Thekga Pelo ,is a devine soul food that communicate better with the dead and those who still exist.It chooses no gender but gang up on the evil spirits.Infact Maragane Music Studio  and it has a wonderful productions,especially in Dr Dr Scolly  on " Moloi Thekga Pelo ''.

Maragane Music Studio  played a big role to Dr Scolly ,although in a short period of time.It has always been home of support and indeed a promoting studio of our young upcoming Artits,like Kgopza De Dj   and Others.

This track needs a calming emotional prayer of an individual, including those who jealous still lives upon them,on people's achievements.

His wise words briefly provided the truth and a lession that, jealous should be zero exact idea to consider. Check out more of  Dj Scolly  on the Maragane Music Studio  page and website. We promote and deliver both local and international music from all around the globe. For promotion whatsapp on our number:+27 72 881 8719. 

Track tittle:Moloi: Moloi Thekga Pelo 
Artist: Dr Scolly 
Writer: Shaun-k De Vocalist 

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