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Makhazi  ft Villager Sa Muya Wanga    he    Download mp3, Makhazi -  The charm of Makhadzi had always been there,to save the day during this hardest moment,of which South Africa and other countries is facing.Unethically,the spread  of Covid-19 affected everyone and everything on schedule,including her.Here's a matter,Which is causing us to feel unsettled.

"The Event of Sama Awards,which is usually held each year in the country,was Posponed until further notice,due to the virus.Further more,the situation led to new begginings and it was hard to adjust to new life".
But then, Muya Wanga track brings us into place and heal those who engage hunger of sweet music during this period of time.In our history,"Matorokisi"was the product of her effort and hard work.Which brought a silver lining of her journey,it became song of the year unexpectedly.It also brought nothing but the best peace amongst the day.

However,we didn't stop at nothing but Makhadzi with Muya Wanga and Villager Sa  kept us locked down with amusing sound. This is one of the rocking and enticing song,which is largely over-followed by fans during the season.

Before they brought us into a reality of the story about the List of nominated artists n other  activities.We were expecting to see nominated individuals in the expected date.

on 09 of July 2020,We were looking forward to see Makhazi  in the  Sama awards this year. Yet it's unfortunate Her and  Master Kg weren't on the list. Check out more of  Makhadzi on the Maragane Music Studio  page and website. We promote and deliver both local and international music from all around the globe. For promotion whatsapp on our number:+27 72 881 8719. 

Writer: Shaun-k DE Vocalist

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