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King Monada  &  Mack Eaze  - Thimane Di Phone  - Download mp3 - King Monada  seemed to have gently touched down the final design of love through the music,in the  industry.These awaits no listeners,all fronts had to pay attention to the theme and massive meaning of his songs,that he managed to release so far.

This lovely song,Worth to be endlessly repeated.The killer and massive creativity of Mack Eaze and King Monada King Monada 's combination,is something we can all talk about,during our tea time.

He brought nothing but good sounds amongst the globe.On top of that,all genders loved and followed up his hits.
Since few years back,his singles was appointed to take year leadership in one of the Radio stations and etc in December.

On the track, King Monada  voiced out and said,"when the protocol of switching phones was unattended,someone ramdomly was to take the fall and  must speedy come up  with key to solve the problem.Otherwise  the day could've been dull and the aroma of the enjoyment would've been vanished to thin air".

Here is an Alert,don't stop downloading his best tracks but expect more hottest hits from King Monada.
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Writer: Shaun-k The Vocalist

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