Kgopza De Dj  features Nelly-M, Ke Kgale, It was during sun set,when this sadness arose from the desert of raining love,but love was intact of the heart.

However,It really took ages for the two love birds to see each other again and for how long?didnt matter anymore,they truly loved each other.

True love was shown to be still existing,when Nelly-M,a female singer,who rocked and managed to crack Fan's craniams,stating some good points via the song.

She frankly stated that,the sadness from the heavy feeling of lurch in the dark for ages,especially by someone you love,may negatively impact or positively impact. Nelly-M ,kindly pressed the buttorn of love,to the extend where the existence of love was exposed to ease ones mind.

Kgopza De Dj ,praised the concept of the song they've formed and ensured that,many become uplifted via this Team Nelly-M,which is located at The Willows inthe city of Tzaneen. In final say,the message was to guide many young and old people,to learn to be patient,as it is said that,"A patience is a Virtue,and a way to success". 

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