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New-Man - Safe - features Shaun-k  Early in 22 of November 2019,Our super Shaun-k The Vocalist was called in,at His First local interview at Maruleng FM,while celebrating His birthday with His Brother Leifa.Him and Vicky Vick recently been busy with Music Video rehersals for "Kea Leboga " song,it means the ground still on fire.This interview was exceptionally superior,on top of that,he lifted so many souls,which first didn't understand the journey of Music and other categories he deliberately participated in.

This time,Maragane Music Studio  was flabbergasted with "Tsonga culture melody",of ''NEW-MAN"Ft "SHAUN-K. New-Man  had been singing for decades in Tsonga style,thus He passionaly featured their Vocalist,especially after being aware that Xhenophobia resist people from working together.This conclusion sustained how peacefully the relationship of all races can consume and produce things together.

This song reveals the importance of the laws put in marriages,of which brides often neglect to obey.This also expose the strong of appereciation and a humble gratitude towards our Folks,who most been pillar of our strength. In other hand,we realize that,Mama is Loved Overdose and had been like decoration of the flower 'Rose'.

In some circumstances,love and respect are Nail and a finger,they corresponds.Our brides should ensure they adjust ways to treat ''Bo-Mmatswale" as their elders,in doing so,marriages will remain intact for infinite miles. Check out more of  New-Man on the Maragane Music Studio  page and website. We promote and deliver both local and international music from all around the globe. For promotion whatsapp on our number:+27 72 881 8719. 

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